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Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Library, 3U Control Module, 25 licensed slots, no tape drives Part# LSC33‐BSC0‐001A

Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Library, 3U Control Module, 25 licensed slots, no tape drives Part# LSC33‐BSC0‐001A

Vendor: Quantum
SKU: LSC33-BSC0-001A
Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Library, 3U Control Module, 25 licensed slots, no tape drives. Part Number: LSC33-BSC0-001A ... A Best Seller!!! - Give us a call and we'll help...

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Quantum Scalar i3 Tape Library, 3U Control Module, 25 licensed slots, no tape drives. Part Number: LSC33-BSC0-001A ... A Best Seller!!! - Give us a call and we'll help configure your New Tape Library.

NOTE: Base library with no tape drives included. Used whenever an expansion module is not initially needed (i.e., initial configuration is up to 50 slots and up to three tape drives). If larger initial configuration (more than 50 slots and more than three tape drives) is needed or customer wants a base system with a pre-installed expansion module to accommodate easier future expansion, order LSC33-BSJ0-001A. Includes 3U library control module with embedded Ethernet, partitioning capability, 25-slot license, 3U rackmount kit, one power supply, one 3ft (0.9m) C13-C14 and one 3ft (0.9m) L-5-15 power cords. Supports up to a maximum of 50 slots and three tape drives before an Expansion Module is needed. Scalar i3 SAS tape drives require a mini-SAS-HD 8644 connector on the SAS cable. Does not include an expansion module, tape drives, Fibre Channel or Ethernet cables


The Easy, Efficient, and Scalable Tape Library

Struggling to keep up with storage demands, data security, and shrinking IT budgets? The Scalar i3 Tape system is designed specifically to give mid-sized IT environments the kind of protection provided by Quantum tape, while solving the problems associated with cost, scaling, and management. The Scalar i3 can start as a single 3U system that provides secure, cost-effective backup storage of up to 1,125 TB. It can scale in 25-slot increments as data volumes increase—all the way up to 18 PB in only 24U. Its Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) software makes growing the system easy and economical.

The Scalar i3 includes all security features as described in the Quantum Scalar Security Framework to help maintain data integrity and protect against cyber threats. It is a simple cartridge-based media handling system, and it uses Quantum’s intelligent iLayer management software to monitor library systems and provide intuitive, proactive alerts. The result is the industry’s best tape backup and archive protection at the lowest total ownership cost.


Features and Benefits

Lowest-Cost, Long-Term Storage
LTO tape continues to provide the lowest-cost, long-term storage solution, and for PB-scale data sets, is a fraction of the cost of public cloud and other cold storage solutions. Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries further reduce total cost with space efficient designs, iLayer proactive diagnostics and analytics, automated monitoring and reporting, and integration with cloud-based AIOps software to reduce administrative time.

Easily Manage Data Growth
Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries have a modular design that simplifies adding storage slots for capacity growth and drives for greater performance. Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) slot licensing provides a level of storage granularity to help you better manage your storage costs in a pay-as-you-grow approach with capacity scaling from 1,125 TB up to 540 PB based on LTO-9 compressed capacity.

Ensure Data Integrity and Security
Quantum Scalar Tape Libraries are the most secure tape libraries on the market, with over 25 unique features and capabilities that form a comprehensive security framework which controls system access, provides system monitoring and event detection, data security and encryption, and unique features for cyber protection and data integrity.

Maximize Availability, Durability, and Performance with Quantum RAIL Architecture
Scalar Tape Libraries can be deployed in a Redundant Array of Independent Libraries, or “RAIL” architecture when used with software that can write files and objects across multiple tape systems. This gives maximum performance, availability, and durability when building a large tape archive.


Data Sheet
Quantum Scalar i3 LTO Data Sheet - Click here

Feature Benefits

Best-in-Class Storage Density All Scalar Tape Libraries offer the best density within a standard 19” rack form factor.

Capacity-on-Demand Growth (CoD) Simplifies growth by scaling quickly and easily, without disruption.

Active Vault Active Vault provides an automated way to create a more secure air gap within your Scalar Tape Library by moving tapes to a secure, offline partition with no network access.

Logical Tape Blocking Logical Tape Blocking is a policy-based block that’s placed on a tape or a magazine. Logical Tape Blocking adds to the protection provided by Active Vault, and can be used along with Active Vault and Ransom Block.

Ransom Block Provides the highest level of security by creating a physical barrier between tapes and the tape robot. Data stored on tapes that have been ‘blocked’ cannot be accessed even in the unlikely event that a tape library is hacked. Ransom Block builds upon Active Vault protection and can be used with Logical Tape Blocking.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Multi-factor authentication option for remote library login using standard MFA applications to protect library admin/user accounts with an additional layer of security via a time-based one-time password (TOTP).

iLayer Proactive Monitoring and Diagnostics Ensures the entire system stays running smoothly; provides guided steps to resolve issues, often before failures occur.

Advanced Reporting Media, drive, and media security reports help manage system resources, improve security, and improve budget and planning. Automated report scheduling and distribution saves administrative time

Scalar Key Manager (Encryption) The Scalar Key Manager FIPS-validated solution makes it easy to manage keys, mitigating risk of lost data. AES 256-bit encryption standard provides the highest levels of security. Multiple key use policies are available to tune protection and administrative time.

Third-Party Key Management Support Supports the use of qualified third-party encryption key managers using the KMIP protocol.

RESTful Web Services API Saves administrative time by easily automating repetitive tasks. The API can be used to conduct any configuration, operation, monitoring, and reporting task that is available in iLayer.

Automatic Firmware Update Checks Customers can choose to have automatic checks for firmware updates to ensure use of the latest library and drive code levels

Auto-Discovery and Auto-Calibration Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.)

Partitioning Every Scalar Library supports logical partitioning so that systems can be shared between multiple applications.

Scalar i3 Technical Specifications

Capacity Configurations

Number of Slots 25 to 400

System Capacity Range (TB)    

LTO-9 (native / compressed) 450 to 7,200 1,125 to 18,000

LTO-8 (native / compressed) 300 to 4,800 750 to 12,000

LTO-7 (native / compressed) 150 to 2,400 375 to 6,000

Number of Drives 1 - 24

Drive Types Supported Half-Height (HH) LTO Drives

Module Form Factor Rackmount 3U

Minimum Size One Module (3U)

Maximum Size Eight Module (24)

Deployment Rackmounted

How System Scales Scales vertically in rack up to 24U in 3U increments and 25-slot CoD licensing


Interface Options 8 Gb Fibre Channel and 6/12 Gb SAS

Inventory Speeds Approximately 1 minute for typical configurations

Firmware Updates Customers can choose to have automatic checks for firmware updates, to ensure use of the latest library and drive code levels.

Configuration Auto-discovery and auto-calibration for installed/added components (modules, tapes, drives, magazines, etc.)

Library Partitioning Supports up to 12 partitions

Import/Export Configurable, 0-240 in 5-slot increments


Library MSBF Greater than 2,000,000

Library MTTR 30 minutes

Power Optional 2N power

Diagnostics Proactive diagnostics embedded within the library monitor major subsystems, runs self-diagnostic procedures, and policy-based communications to system administrators