Myriad™ All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage: Unlocking the Power of Unstructured Data Workloads

Myriad™ All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage: Unlocking the Power of Unstructured Data Workloads

Unstructured data is growing at an unprecedented rate, and organizations need modern solutions to efficiently store, manage, protect, archive, and analyze their data. Quantum's Myriad™ All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage is a cloud-native software that brings new levels of simplicity and adaptability to high-performance unstructured data workloads. With its distributed architecture, modern microservices, and support for standard high-volume flash storage, Myriad is designed to deliver consistent low-latency performance, scalability, and ease of management.


Consistent Low-Latency Performance for High Bandwidth, High IOPS Applications

Myriad's distributed architecture is built on a transactional key/value store specifically designed for NVMe and RDMA. This architecture enables Myriad to deliver consistent, low-latency performance for any unstructured data workload at any scale. Whether you're dealing with high-bandwidth applications like video rendering or high-IOPS workloads such as analytics, Myriad ensures that your data is processed quickly and efficiently.

Modern Microservices Architecture Orchestrated by Kubernetes®

Myriad is fully containerized and utilizes cloud technologies like Kubernetes to provide simplicity, automation, and resilience. With a modern microservices architecture, Myriad allows you to adopt and deploy new features and fixes faster and more predictably, minimizing downtime and reducing risk. By leveraging proven cloud technologies, Myriad enables seamless integration with your existing infrastructure and facilitates hybrid-cloud deployments.

Runs on Standard High-Volume Flash Storage

Unlike other storage solutions, Myriad does not rely on specialized hardware. It is designed to run on standard high-volume flash storage, allowing you to quickly adopt the latest hardware and reduce costs over time. With Myriad, you can future-proof your storage infrastructure by easily adapting to changing requirements without being locked into proprietary hardware.

Zero-Touch Storage and Network Management

Simplicity is at the core of Myriad's design. The software automates much of the storage and networking management, reducing the need for IT involvement. Even large clusters can be managed with minimal effort, as the software automatically detects, deploys, and configures new storage nodes within a cluster. This means you can easily scale, modify, and even shrink your cluster without disrupting your operations.

Ending the Constraints of Legacy Storage Architectures

Legacy storage architectures, designed over 20 years ago, are no longer sufficient to handle the exponential growth of unstructured data. Current file and object storage systems have attempted to integrate flash storage, but they often fall short in delivering the consistent low-latency performance required by modern applications. Additionally, these systems are often tied to specialized hardware and lack native support for cloud deployments, limiting their flexibility.

Myriad Brings New Levels of Simplicity and Adaptability

Quantum's Myriad™ All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage provides organizations with a modern, cloud-native architecture that addresses the limitations of legacy storage systems. With Myriad, you can achieve new levels of simplicity and adaptability for your unstructured data storage needs.

Scalability and Performance

A Myriad cluster can start with as few as three NVMe all-flash storage nodes and scale to hundreds of nodes in a single distributed, scale-out cluster. This scalability ensures that your storage infrastructure can grow alongside your data requirements, without compromising performance.

Network-Facing IP for Data and Management

Myriad simplifies connectivity by using a single network-facing IP address for both data and management. This simplifies the network configuration and load balancing, ensuring that your data is accessible and manageable from a single point of entry.

Data Services and Data Protection

Myriad offers a range of data services to enhance data management and protection. These services include snapshots, clones, inline deduplication, compression, replication, and a data catalog for analytics. With these features, you can efficiently manage and protect your data, ensuring its availability and integrity.

File System and Transactional Key/Value Store

Myriad utilizes a distributed file system that stores both file and object data, attributes, and metadata in a transactional key/value store. This design ensures maximum resiliency and allows for efficient data access and management. The file system is composable, meaning you can create separate file systems for different users or applications, providing isolation and flexibility.

Dynamic Erasure Coding Data Protection

Myriad protects your data with dynamic n+m erasure coding. As the cluster grows or shrinks, and drives or nodes fail and are replaced, the erasure coding spread dynamically adjusts for maximum efficiency and protection. This self-balancing and self-healing capability ensures that your data remains protected without the need for manual intervention.

Myriad Specifications

Myriad has a high system capacity, with effective data reduction to optimize storage utilization. The individual NVMe storage nodes have a capacity of up to 153.6 TB per node, and the Myriad system can scale up to 3.68 PB with 10 NVMe storage nodes. The storage nodes are designed to be easily deployable and offer connectivity through 100 GbE Ethernet RDMA.


Myriad™ All-Flash Scale-Out File and Object Storage from Quantum is the solution organizations need to unlock the power of their unstructured data workloads. With its consistent low-latency performance, modern microservices architecture, support for standard high-volume flash storage, and zero-touch management, Myriad delivers simplicity, scalability, and adaptability for today's data-driven organizations. Say goodbye to the constraints of legacy storage architectures and embrace the future of unstructured data storage with Myriad.

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